February 2022
Visualization: OptecNet Deutschland
Wetzlar Network

Extended Network

Since February 1, 2022, the Wetzlar Network has been a member of OptecNet Deutschland e.V. – the professional association with the most members for the photonics industry in Germany.

The fact that the commitment of the Wetzlar Network extends far beyond the region is well known after more than 10 years of successful networking. Examples include the research cooperation with the ELI Beamlines Institute in Prague and the international trade fair venues of W3+ FAIR in Wetzlar and Dornbirn. The membership of the Wetzlar Network in OptecNet Deutschland e.V. is now a further step in the right direction.

OptecNet Deutschland unites eight regional innovation networks for optical and quantum technologies and, with around 500 members from companies and research/education institutions, forms the professional association with the most members for the photonics industry in Germany. The managing directors of the regional innovation networks warmly welcome the Wetzlar Network as a new member and look forward to a good and close cooperation. “Together with the Wetzlar Network, we can further promote photonics as a key technology in Germany and strengthen the innovative power of the industry,” said OptecNet Deutschland board members Dr. Andreas Ehrhardt and Dr. Horst Sickinger.

In the future, the members of the Wetzlar Network will have access to the entire range of services offered by OptecNet Deutschland – as well as the diverse offerings of the regional innovation networks. The umbrella organization supports nationwide and international activities such as technology transfer and innovation promotion, promotion of young talent, marketing and public relations, as well as international contacts and cooperations.

“We are an extremely strong network for key optical technologies in our region. The cooperation with OptecNet Germany opens up completely new opportunities for us and our member companies,” says network manager Ralf Niggemann, who is delighted about being accepted into the nationwide umbrella organization. And CEO Thorsten Kortemeier adds: “It is an open secret that you can achieve more together than you can individually. We are all the more pleased to have a new strong partner at our side in OptecNet Germany in the future.”

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