August 2019
Michael Rosenbruch, Managing Director of Hexagon Metrology in Wetzlar. (Photo: Ralf A. Niggemann)
Hexagon Metrology

Michael Rosenbruch

In various branches and industries the foundations of Industry 4.0 are laid for the future. And Hexagon Metrology in Wetzlar is preceding with great strides.

Industrial metrology is an integral part of manufacturing processes. The pace of its development has picked considerably again in the course of Industry 4.0. The CEO of Hexagon Metrology GmbH in Wetzlar talks about its progress.

W3+: Mr. Rosenbruch, you have been CEO at Hexagon Metrology GmbH since the beginning of this year. What makes this task so alluring?

Michael Rosenbruch: With its global group structure, its extensive product portfolio, and its variegated co-branding, Hexagon offers an exciting and at the same time surely challenging environment. Spreading our technologies broadly across different industries which have a worldwide range ensures our competitive edge. But in order to survive in the medium and long run, it is necessary to continuously adapt to the changing conditions of demand and the setting of the markets in an effective way – this is a complex task which I have really enjoyed since January 2019.

W3+: The efficiency and precision of measuring systems has increased markedly. Which industrial solutions do you find the most exciting?

Michael Rosenbruch: At first, customized solutions for the measuring room were the primary target, but today, our customers expect an additional value in form of ultramodern automation or integrated measuring and software solutions applied directly during production in order to achieve an even greater efficiency in their production process. We at Hexagon pick up on this trend: Right now, for instance, we introduced “PartInspect L” at the Control 2019 trade fair – a turnkey structured light 3D measurement cell featuring a choice of structured-light scanning technology paired with a flexible robot arm and a modular cell format – or the new solution “LightRunner” – an ultramodern positioning system for automated 3D optical measurements.

W3+: Intelligent metrology in production environments is more often the rule than the exception. Will this trend gain even more momentum as part of Industry 4.0?

Michael Rosenbruch: Yes, this will certainly be the case. The manufacturing industry is evolving towards cross-linked “smart factories” in order to enhance quality and increase productivity. Convergent solutions for design and engineering, production and industrial metrology combine these parts of the manufacturing process in an ideal way: the goal is to considerably save time with regard to company-internal control processes and to increase the efficiency of the production flow significantly.