January 2021
Photos: Ralf A. Niggemann
VISITECH Engineering

Alfred Jacobsen

3 questions answered by Alfred Jacobsen, Managing Director of VISITECH Engineering GmbH based in Wetzlar.

W3+: VISITECH Engineering is a subsidiary of the VISITECH Group. As their managing director in Wetzlar, what kind of expertise do you contribute?

Alfred Jacobsen: We contribute two aspects to the cooperation with the Norwegian Visitech AS: first our expert knowledge in the field of project management and the development of optical systems and second, our closeness to the market enables us to provice assistance in the sectors marketing and distribution of industrial projection systems.

W3+: Your business domains are Digital Light Processing, 3D-Print and Additive Manufacturing – all of them future-oriented fields of technology?

Alfred Jacobsen: The Norwegian parent company develops and manufactures high-performance systems for maskless PCB lithography. The solutions developed in this field can be easily transferred to the scope of applications in 3D-Print/Additive Manufacturing with photosensitive materials. A current new addition is the sector “Powder Bed Fusion” with high-performance projection modules in the near-IR range.

W3+: Do you adapt the mentioned technologies for customer specific system solutions?

Alfred Jacobsen: Our key competence in PCB lithography involves dynamic (e.g. scrolling) multiple illumination systems in x-y linear systems. Here, we see an enormous potential for scaling additive production systems ranging from prototype and small batch series to serial and large batch production. In order to adapt the systems to the various materials processed in additive manufacturing, we collaborate closely with our customers and partners.

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