IHK Lahn-Dill

Strengthening the Business Region

The Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK, Chamber of Commerce and Industry) plays an active role in supporting and developing the Lahn-Dill business region.

The IHK Lahn-Dill is legally empowered to represent the overall interests of about 21,000 member companies from industry, commerce and the service sector. As a self-administrative organ, it performs a large number of public governance functions instead of state authorities, mainly in the field of vocational training and foreign trade. Apart from this it advises political and administrative bodies on all business issues in accordance with its legal mandate.

IHK Lahn-Dill

Geschäftsstelle Dillenburg
Am Nebelsberg 1
35685 Dillenburg

Geschäftsstelle Wetzlar
Friedenstraße 2
35578 Wetzlar

Geschäftsstelle Biedenkopf
Am Bahnhof 12-16
35216 Biedenkopf