Layering and shadows cast on the roofs of Wetzlar Cathedral. (Photos: Michael Agel)
City of Wetzlar

Wetzlar Cathedral

In this column of the W3+ magazine we feature very special sights and locations in Wetzlar. Here: the Wetzlar Cathedral.

There is essentially no need to introduce the Wetzlar Cathedral as a sight worth seeing. Still, it is worth one’s while to take a look at this striking church building from a different perspective. That is exactly what Michael Agel has done. His photographic interest resembles a historical, architectural and liturgical search for traces when he approaches the Cathedral and gets close up: to the stonework originating from several stylistic eras; to liturgic rites, rooms, and requisites; and to the terrific organ courtesy of a generous donation by the Leitz family.

Wetzlar Cathedral
35578 Wetzlar