December 2020
Photo: Ralf A. Niggemann

Full Service

One year ago, the Wetzlar based company weLOG launched an innovative business model for the eCommerce sector.

When you ask Manuel Rupp about his business, you should not expect to get an exhaustive answer in one sentence. Why? Because the idea behind this business is new, unusual – and therefore doesn’t fit into any box. The company name weLOG implies a young startup company, a logistics enterprise, something to do with intelligent interconnectedness. “That comes about close,” confirms the company founder and managing director with a grin. “But it is also much more.”

His company is young, that’s for sure; it may also be a startup. But Manuel Rupp didn’t commence from scratch when he founded weLOG for he has almost twenty years of experience in the logistics sector. From the beginning, one thing has been clear on the mind of the company founder: that the business concept of his new company would have to offer much more than merely logistics. “If you take a look at how today’s companies operate, in particular those from the eCommerce sector, you’ll see that the issues in logistics cannot be regarded separately. Logistics is no longer about the mere movement of goods but there are so many other services which are interconnected with each other, in a manner of speaking.” That’s why weLOG does not only provide storage facilities and logistics options but also offers to design, create and operate web shops and provides retail customer service as well as promotional activities such as influencer marketing or online marketing, among other things. “We aim at developing customized and innovative full-service solutions for regionally, transregionally, and internationally operating companies. This way, the customer will be able to concentrate on his product while we attend to marketing, distribution, logistics, and IT,” explains Manuel Rupp.

That the innovative business concept fell onto fertile ground became already apparent after the first year. The Wetzlar based company has 65 employees and is currently in the semi-final of the Hessian Founder Award 2020 in the category “Innovative Business Concept”. Their approximately 35 framework contract customers include big corporations like Lufthansa, CSL Behring, or Clariant but also emergent startup and eCommerce companies like OACE or Monocle. “With the latter, we see great future potential. It is our goal to grow together and be mutually successful in the eCommerce sector. We have to particularly point out the win-win situation of our accounting model here: There are no non-recurring costs. We only receive a percentage of what is sold through our customers’ online shops. This makes our model calculable and with low risk attached for our customers.”

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