December 2023
Photo: Ralf A. Niggemann
OptoTech Optikmaschinen

Dr. Stefan Seifried

3 questions answered by Dr. Stefan Seifried, Managing Director of OptoTech Optikmaschinen GmbH in Wettenberg.

W3+: You have been head of OptoTech at Jens Schäfer’s side since January 2023. How did you experience your first year?

Stefan Seifried: The first year is not over yet. Up to now, it has been quite exciting and educational for I – being from coating technology – am still learning the ins and outs of the Optical Industry. For our organization, it’s important that we manage to make the transition instigated by the change of ownership as smooth as possible without running out of steam. To this end, Mr Schäfer and I are in constant communication with Mr Mandler, the founder of OptoTech, who supports us with ideas and suggestions.

W3+: Your areas of responsibility are sales and technology. Where do you see your top priorities?

Stefan Seifried: OptoTech has been a guarantor for innovations in the Optical Industry for many years, in particular with regard to specific questions of precision optics. For me, it’s crucial to maintain the level of innovations and to further standardize the technologies, thus enabling us to make them available to the global market. Expansion of the organization, marketing control and sales training are other aspects of my work.

W3+: In only four decades, OptoTech has evolved into a globally operating enterprise with about 500 employees. Where are you heading to now?

Stefan Seifried: The course is set for growth with the current geopolitical developments providing new challenges but also opportunities. Automation, different education levels and digitization are matters that will keep us busy in the years to come. With Schunk Group as new owners and partners, it is also necessary to unlock more synergies within the group of companies and to approach M&A issues with sound judgement.

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