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Andreas Wandner

AWANDNER Technology Management

3 questions answered by Andreas Wandner, owner of the company AWANDNER Technology Management.

W3+: Technology Management is a broad subject. Where is your emphasis?

AW: Our emphasis is on technology controlling. We support our customers in technical documentation, quality management, project management, and knowledge management to create competitive advantages with an immediate effect on success.

W3+: What industries do you serve?

AW: We are mainly active in machinery and plant engineering, aviation, automotive engineering, optics, and in documentation of renewable energies. Due to our experience, our competence, and our digital, technical and editorial know-how we familiarize ourselves with new topics efficiently. This enables us to support customers in every sector of production and services.

W3+: You call yourself “problem solvers”. What specific support do you offer to your customers?

AW: We analyze and document processes and draw up digital quality management systems. In addition, our consultancy involves certification to ISO 9001 and 9100 or applying for grants and funding. Through these measures we enable our customers to improve their product quality, and consistent corporate documentation saves them considerable costs and increases their sales.


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