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Beautiful Performance


Myth has it that brains and beauty donít mix. The Titanium line from Buderus proves otherwise: it looks good, itís good for the environment Ė and itís good for the customerís wallet, too.

The name Titanium is worth remembering, although the product names of the central heating systems of the Titanium line are admittedly harder to memorize. Its flagship, for instance, goes by the name of Logamax plus GBH192iT PNR400. That’s quite a mouthful. At least there’s some logic to the nomenclature: GBH192iT stands for the web-enabled compact gas condensing heating center; PNR400 denotes the integrated 400 liter buffer tank. And the ‘plus’ stands for the many advantages the condensing boiler and the buffer tank have to offer as a hybrid system. But one thing at a time.

Buderus has based its new Titanium heating system on an innovative design concept. It is particularly energy efficient, effortlessly upgradable and beautifully easy to operate and service. The secret lies in its modular design. There are 15, 25, 35 and 50 kW versions of the gas condensing heater GBH192iT – depending on heating requirements. Inside, there’s a proven heat exchanger with ALU plus surface finish. It reduces dirt and combustion residue deposits, considerably lengthening the intervals between cleaning. The intelligent component layout simplifies installation and servicing. Heating engineers can access extensive servicing and analysis functions on the Logamatic RC300 control unit accommodated in the bottom front flap. Consumers can control settings and functions intuitively and conveniently via the touchscreen display – or even online with the Buderus EasyControl app.

The Titanium line is impressive proof that Buderus more than deserves its reputation as a system provider. All connections are compatible with the top line predecessor products up to approximately 30 kW, which have been sold a hundred thousand times since 1995. This means that the new Logamax plus is an excellent choice for modernization purposes. Plus, the modular system can be easily upgraded. The heating technician can additionally install a control module or a 15 liter expansion tank in the housing. There is a three-way valve in the flow pipe as standard to integrate heat from external sources. Incorporating a second heating circuit is no problem, either.

The Logamax plus GBH192iT PNR400 is a hybrid solution with the buffer tank mentioned above. It enables the integration of regenerative energies for backup heating, for instance via a wood-burning stove with a heating-water heat exchanger or a solar system. Combined with two Logasol SKN 4.0 flat-plate collectors, the hybrid system achieves an excellent efficiency rating: class A++ for hot water and A+ for room heating (according to EU Energy Efficiency Directive).

The fact that the new Buderus hybrid gas condensing system Logamax plus GBH192iT PNR400 received the Plus X “Best Product of the Year 2015/2016” award comes as no surprise. To be more precise, the flagship of the Buderus Titanium line was the winner of as many as six categories in the “Heating and Air-conditioning” section – Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, Functionality and Ecology. Its performance of is equally convincing in each of them. In short: This beauty has brains, it looks good, is easy on the environment – and kind to the customer’s wallet, too.


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