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Michael Engel

P-51 Headhunters

3 questions answered by Michael Engel, owner of the placement consultancy firm P-51 Headhunters.

W3+: How do you help highly specialized companies find suitable staff?

ME: We support our clients with “Directsearch” and “Executive Search”, which involves contacting suitable candidates directly and discreetly. These candidates are not generally looking for a job, but may well be ready for a new challenge. In our cooperation with our clients and candidates, we attach great importance to values such as attentiveness, respect and partnership.

W3+: How specific are the results of your search for specialists and executives?

ME: We can find exactly the staff the company is looking for. Finding a candidate who ticks all the boxes depends on how well we are briefed by the client. A tremendously important criterion for us is that the candidate fits in with the company and his or her colleagues on a personal level.

W3+: How do you find your “ideal candidate”?

ME: That’s easy – take advantage of our expert knowledge – 11 years of experience as personnel consultants of SMEs – in Germany and worldwide.


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