Japanese delegates from Hamamatsu with their hosts in front of the Viaoptic headquarter at Leitz Park Wetzlar. (Image: Regionalmanagement Mittelhessen)

Regionalmanagement Mittelhessen

Japanese Visitors Impressed

A delegation from the Hamamatsu region of Japan visits optoelectronic companies in the hightech hub of Wetzlar.

Recently, a group of seven Japanese delegates from the Hamamatsu region visited member companies of the Wetzlar Network in central Hessen. Besides representatives from industry, particularly from the automotive s ...


Growing in Growth Markets

Optics and systems by VIAOPTIC are being developed and manufactured in Wetzlar. (Images: Ralf A. Niggemann)

VIAOPTIC GmbH is recognized as a specialist in plastic optics and systems. The company makes components for innovative technologies using injection molding techniques. And that’s not the only reason for the company’s success.

Founded exactly 15 years ago, VIAOPTIC GmbH is a comparatively young company. However, the company’s experience and expertise go back much fu ...

Wetzlar Network & ELI Institute

Project Ideas Taking Shape

Experts from the ELI Institute in Prague visiting the Brückmann Elektronik company. (Image: Ralf A. Niggemann)

Leica Microsystems and Brückmann Elektronik met up with experts of the ELI Institute in Prague to initiate potential cooperation projects.

There’s a lively exchange of information, the contacts have been made. The first ideas for joint projects of companies in the Wetzlar region ...


Reliability, Precision, Speed

The UHL PM4 spinneret inspection microscope is a premier league product ? and earns this status in every respect. (Images: Ralf A. Niggemann)

Spinneret holes are tiny and usually appear en masse. To be able to measure them precisely and efficiently, Walter Uhl and his team have developed an inspection microscope that is over seven meters long. The complete system is designed, produced and assembled in Asslar.

You wouldn’t believe all the places UHL microscopes are used – in a highly diverse range of industries and business fields all over the ...

ELI Beamlines

Technology Without Frontiers

Georg Korn, Head of the Department of Experimental Programs at the Prague Institute. (Image: Ralf A. Niggemann)

Dr. Georg Korn is coordinating the ELI Beamlines project in the Czech Republic and is responsible for scientific and technological implementation in Dolní Brežany near Prague.

  W3+: Dr. Korn, what exactly is the ELI? Georg Korn: Overall, the ELI project is bas ...

Janitza electronics

Full Transparency

Janitza technical modules with their blue housings are designed to make energy visible and thereby controllable. (Images: Ralf A. Niggemann)

More transparency in energy distribution! No, this is not a campaign pledge in the run-up to Germany’s general elections, but a promise of the Lahnau company Janitza electronics GmbH to its customers. Janitza’s intelligent measuring technology systems ensure transparency in energy consumption and power quality.

Companies love visualizing their success story in bar charts – especially three-dimensional ones. It’s easier for Markus Janitza. He on ...

City of Wetzlar

Manfred Wagner

Manfred Wagner, Lord Mayor of the City of Wetzlar, in his office. (Images: Ralf A. Niggemann)

Manfred Wagner has been Lord Mayor of Wetzlar since November 2015. We interviewed him to find out the issues that are close to his heart and the changes he wants to make to his home city.

A lot has changed for Manfred Wagner in the New City Hall. But the Lord Mayor believes in continuity, too. After all, he was already Mayor for four ...

Leica Microsystems

Real-time 3D

Calcium waves through cells in the beating heart of a zebrafish. (Image: Hillman/Li/Targoff, Columbia University)

Together with the Columbia University in New York Leica Microsystems will further develop SCAPE microscopy for Life Science applications.

Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH has entered into an exclusive, worldwide licensing agreement with Columbia University in New York to commercialize SCAP ...


Beautiful Performance

The Buderus Titanium line: Simple and intuitive operation via the touchscreen. (Images: Buderus)

Myth has it that brains and beauty don’t mix. The Titanium line from Buderus proves otherwise: it looks good, it’s good for the environment – and it’s good for the customer’s wallet, too.

The name Titanium is worth remembering, although the product names of the central heating systems of the Titanium line are admittedly harder to mem ...

Design to Business

Smart Case Studies

The Vicam 3S ? a new all-in-one line-scan camera for the logistics sector. (Image: Vitronic)

The Design to Business network supports companies in product design and brand communication. The people involved in two successful cooperation projects explain how it works.

Design is not only a question of aesthetics, it’s a strategic factor for corporate success. The importance of design, long recognized by indu ...

Sights 03

The World of Leica Experience

The World of Leica Experience: A special place providing unusual perspectives. (Image: Ralf A. Niggemann)

In this column we feature very special sights and locations in the Wetzlar region. Here: the World of Leica Experience in Wetzlar.

If you’re addicted to the fascinating world of photography, you need look no further than Wetzlar. To be more precise, the Leitz Park, home o ...

Leica Camera

Leitz Park III

The third construction phase at Leitz Park is growing into the sky. (Image: Michael Agel)

At Leitz Park, a new quarter arises, where manufacturing and science, culture and living are united. It will be a place for local people and international guests.

Driving past the Leitz Park on the way in to Wetzlar, you can hardly miss it: the red dot on the globe in the middle of the roundabout seems to be ...

P-51 Headhunters

Michael Engel

Michael Engel (Image: Ralf A. Niggemann)

3 questions answered by Michael Engel, owner of the placement consultancy firm P-51 Headhunters.

W3+: How do you help highly specialized companies find suitable staff? ME: We support our clients ...