Innovations Through Nanotechnology

Hessen-Nanotech is the central platform for nanotechnology in Hessen. It provides support for companies and facilities active in nanotechnology and the adjoining fields of materials and surface technology.

Nanotechnology and the materials-based technologies are considered to be the key technologies of the twenty-first century. They incorporate innovative knowledge of the functionalities and properties of materials and processes depending substantially on the novel effects of structures at the micro and nano-scales.

Hessen is an excellent location for major advanced technologies and at the same time, with Frankfurt, an international finance centre situated in the heart of Europe. With around 150 companies providing or using nanotechno logy and over 400 firms engaged in the adjoining fields of materials and surface technology, microsystems technology and optical technology, Hessen is already in an excellent position on both the domestic and international scale. Research in these areas is also being performed at top international level at all of the region’s universities, where about 80 working groups have been organised in the NanoNetwork of Hessen’s universities.

To focus and coordinate the technology and location marketing for nanotechnology and materials-based technologies in Hessen, the Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport, Urban and Regional Development in Hessen initiated the Aktionslinie Hessen-Nanotech as one of a series of measures taken by the regional government to promote nanotechnology in Hessen. Founded in 2005, Hessen-Nanotech is managed by the Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH, an agency set up by the regional government of Hessen.



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