AWANDNER Technology Management

Technology and Knowledge Management

AWANDNER Technology Management in Solms is a specialist in the field of technical documentation, quality and knowledge management.

AWANDNER Technology Management supports and advises large industrial corporations and SMEs in the aviation, automobile and renewable energy sectors.

Technical documentation services are used wherever information has to be kept on permanent record and specifically retrieved. Corporate processes are digitized and implemented and then visualized with applications. The reliable retrieval of data is being provided through the use of the metadata of the documents and supported by intelligent content management systems and data bases. This enables customers to gain swift and precise access to the technical knowledge and expertise of their staff.

The strength of AWANDNER Technology Management is its capacity to develop quality management systems to the individual requirements of its customers, enabling them to enhance the quality of their products and the effectiveness and efficiency of their work.


AWANDNER Technology Management

Andreas Wandner
Forsthausstraße 21
35606 Solms