The new TGA OPTILUX dental lamp. (Image: TGA)
The new TGA OPTILUX dental lamp. (Image: TGA)

Befort & TGA

Shining Example

Presenting the TGA OPTILUX, Befort Wetzlar and TGA GmbH from Hüttenberg have developed a dental lamp that literally puts comparable products in the shade.

 At the 35th International Dental Show in Cologne in March 2011, experts who otherwise spend most of their time looking into people’s mouths were fascinated by a new development at the TGA booth. The Hüttenberg company, which specializes in dental technology, mechatronic instruments and systems, was presenting a medical instrument that could sustainably improve the dentist’s workday: the TGA OPTILUX® dental lamp. “The attention was tremendous,” remembers Jürgen Wallbott, Head of R&D at TGA. “Unfortunately, we only had a prototype with us – otherwise we could have sold several straight from the booth.”

Benefits of the TGA OPTILUX® dental lamp

The special feature of the new TGA OPTILUX® dental lamp is that it can illuminate the dentist’s working field with greater definition and homogeneity than any other competitor product. A look inside the lamp’s stainless steel housing shows how this is done: It accommodates a high-performance LED system with a light intensity of 45,000 lux emitted through six lenses. Unlike conventional dental lamps, the TGA OPTILUX® generates a uniform illumination within a rectangular frame. Another innovation is a sensor integrated in the electronics that recognizes the movement of the lamp, thus preventing inadvertent exposure of the patient to glare.

Befort Wetzlar develops optomechanical design

TGA GmbH developed the sophisticated system itself – from the initial idea all the way through to ergonomic details for everyday practice. “The best type of development is a proprietary one,” Jürgen Wallbott is convinced. “To achieve optimal results, we collaborate with electronics and optics specialists.” Wallbott did not have to look far from Hüttenberg to find such a specialist. Befort Wetzlar was involved in the development of the new dental lamp from an early stage and contracted to do the optomechanical engineering.

Combining homogeneous illumination with the greatest possible light intensity

“The main aspects for us were naturally the technical feasibility and the systemic integration of the optics,” says Managing Director Henner Befort. “The specifications were clearly defined: to develop a system combining homogeneous illumination with the greatest possible light intensity that is also able to optimally adjust wavelengths and light portions.” Due to favorable circumstances, a solution was quickly found that was not only technologically convincing, but economical to produce. The innovative system has brought Befort and TGA a major step forward in their efforts to produce the dental lamp with the largest possible vertical range of manufacture.

Possible application areas for the new lighting system

The TGA OPTILUX® has already been available since the end of 2011. The fact that it only took a few months to bring the dental lamp to series production is more than remarkable, and will be particularly good news to the many trade show visitors who were impressed by the prototype. Befort Wetzlar and TGA have already moved a step onward – they are now considering other application areas for the new patented system. It would only take a relatively simple technology transfer to use their lighting system in other areas beside medical technology – wherever there is a need for homogeneous illumination in fact: from the automobile industry through illuminated advertising systems to street lighting.



Lighting system: High performance LED
Illuminance: up to 45,000 Lux (adjustable)
Color temperature: 3,000°K – 6,000°K (adjustable)
CRI > 85


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