The new BN 7x50 DCM binoculars for water sports. (Images: MINOX)
The new BN 7x50 DCM binoculars for water sports. (Images: MINOX)


Cutting Edge

The BN 7x50 DCM binoculars for water sports combine all the qualities MINOX is famous for: state-of-the-art technology and innovative spirit, precision and top quality as well as user-focused product development.

“The Minox BN 7x50 DCM is a milestone in marine binoculars,” according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung “Technology and Motor” supplement of May 22nd, 2012. At the MINOX headquarters in Wetzlar, everyone is convinced that the FAZ won’t be alone in this opinion.

Core competencies and milestones of MINOX

MINOX knows all about milestones. The brand is still living on the legend of the original MINOX launched in 1936, the smallest camera in the world that achieved worldwide popularity, and not only among secret agents. In the 1950s, the MINOX B became a bestseller. In 1974, the MINOX 35 set standards as the world’s smallest 35 mm camera. With the DSC series, the art of photographic miniaturization finally managed to leap into the digital age and into the present.

In view of this success story of miniature cameras, it is often forgotten that in 1990 Walter Zapp designed and launched a pocket telescope that was revolutionary for the time. This telescope marked the beginning of an entirely new and equally successful line of business for MINOX: hunting and observation optics. “The transfer from photography to observation was not only a logical step for Walter Zapp,” says MINOX CEO Thorsten Kortemeier. “After all, we only had to focus on our core competencies and apply them effectively to the new line of business. We’ve managed to do this very well so far. Like the cameras, the long-distance optics of MINOX have evolved from a clever symbiosis of our understanding of precision and top quality, innovation and progressiveness as well as user-focused product development.”

Design award for MINOX’s latest water sports binoculars

So anyone wondering why experts in the field are hailing the latest product of the MINOX Nautic Line can simply refer to these brand values, first of all the innovation strength of MINOX. The BN 7x50 DCM has all the features of a progressive and modern pair of binoculars in an ergonomic and user-friendly format. It nestles snugly in the hand and – unlike conventional water sports binoculars with analog compass technology – has a harmonious and convincingly balanced exterior design. The optionally white or black rubber armoring gives the casing an ergonomic and modern look. Only recently, the MINOX BN 7x50 DCM was distinguished in one of the world’s most renowned design competitions – the red dot design award 2012 – with a Product Design award for its intelligent and innovative product design.

The BN 7x50 DCM and its digital multi-function display

The fact that the MINOX have not only created a magnificently designed binocular body, but also packed it with pioneering technology, is one of the practical benefits of the BN 7x50 DCM. A revolutionary and unique feature is the digital multi-function display that appears in the center of the field of view at the press of a button. Whereas conventional navigation binoculars work with analog compass technology, the innovative BN 7x50 DCM has a fully integrated digital compass, enabling the skipper to keep his eye on an object without losing sight of the compass reading. The multi-function display provides a lot more useful information besides, including temperature and temperature history, tilt angle, altitude, clock and stopwatch. The digital barometer function shows the current air pressure and air pressure history over the last eight hours. “This makes the binoculars extremely useful for water sports, particularly yachting, as they always provide all the important data and information at a glance,” enthuses Thorsten Kortemeier.

Maximum precision at sea

The heart of the MINOX BN 7x50 DCM is of course the optical system. Designed for maximum precision, it features an impressive field of view for ultimate clarity and contrast and superlative light transmission. The binoculars are filled with nitrogen to rule out fogging and ensure press-water proofness. Anyone who has ever used the MINOX BN 7x50 DCM at sea will not want to do without it and will take special care that it does not go overboard. But the Wetzlar optics company has thought of that, too: The innovative water sports binoculars are the first “milestone” from MINOX that floats.

MINOX’s innovative product range

The BN 7x50 DCM is a striking example of the innovation strength and strategic focus of the MINOX company. Today, MINOX already makes more than 70 per cent of its overall turnover with sports optics products – which include a large number of recent innovations such as riflescopes, trail cameras, night vision devices and many more besides. With this product range, MINOX is perfectly equipped for the future.


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