Taskin Sakarya

3 questions answered by Taskin Sakarya, Managing Director of MobiLoTech GmbH in Ehringshausen.

Taskin Sakarya (Image: Christian Plaum)
Taskin Sakarya (Image: Christian Plaum)

W3+: What are “Mobile Localization Technologies”?

TS: MobiLoTech is a patented technology, which enables everyone to be “mobile” everywhere. Today a world without e-mails, internet and and videoconferences is unthinkable. Tomorrow the main communication means will be Task-Ins-Cubicles (TIC).

W3+: So, you are connecting people?

TS: That’s right. With TIC it will be a lot easier and more efficient to bring people together: You can meet in the morning in China, give a presentation in Norway together in the afternoon and go to a concert in Los Angeles in the evening.

W3+: Where is your technology being used?

TS: Wherever person-to-person communication is important: for example when you work from a home base but at the same time want be present in the company. TIC enables virtual business meetings as much as participating in education programs or controlling company devices from far away. TIC creates the conditions for what we call “a better new future”!


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