Bram Vingerling

3 questions answered by Bram Vingerling, Managing Director of bvTechCon in Pohlheim-Hausen.

Bram Vingerling (Image: Christian Plaum)
Bram Vingerling (Image: Christian Plaum)

W3+: You advise companies on technical product and production development?

BV: Yes. When realizing complex mechatronic components and instruments, it’s vital to find unique aspects that can be incorporated into products and manufacturing techniques. Only then can top products be marketed successfully.

W3+: What experience do you offer?

BV: Since 1981 I have contributed my experience in precision optics. Roughly half of my orders concern the improvement of systems and production processes, 20 per cent concern thin-film systems for new optics, complemented by coaching and support contracts.

W3+: Does Industry 4.0 play a role in your work?

BV: Remote maintenance and alignment of measuring methods have been common practice in optical thin-film technology for over two decades. Meanwhile, web-based memory sharing and databases are used for these purposes. Industry 4.0 is definitely a beneficial development – but only when it is based on stable processes.


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