Wi-Fi for the science classroom. (Image: Leica Microsystems)
Wi-Fi for the science classroom. (Image: Leica Microsystems)

Leica Microsystems

Digital Classroom

Leica Microsystems launches Wi-Fi for educational microscopy – an interactive, digital platform where students learn from each other.

Leica Microsystems launches two Wi-Fi-capable microscopy instruments for the science classroom in biology, anatomy, chemistry, geology, and material sciences: the Leica EZ4 W educational stereo microscope with built-in wireless camera and the Leica ICC50 W digital camera, which can be added to educational compound microscopes. Both systems transfer HD images directly to students’ mobile devices.

The Leica AirLab App for both iOS and Android devices allows capturing, annotating, sharing, and organizing of images. “A digital classroom creates a different learning environment, since they learn from each other,” says Vince Vaccarelli, Product Manager with Leica Microsystems. “The interactive, digital platform increases attention and simplifies recording tasks and image annotations.”


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