Cover motif of the book "Museum Leica". (Image: Lars Netopil)
Cover motif of the book "Museum Leica". (Image: Lars Netopil)

Lars Netopil

Golden Age

A new book published by Lars Netopil presents the collections of the Leica Factory Museum in a golden cover.

The first big book on Leica, which Lars Netopil issued under the title “Prototyp Leica” in 2010, was black and weighed almost 3 kilograms. The second book, “Rare Leica”, followed in 2014; it was silver and not less weighty. Another four years later, the golden luxury volume “Museum Leica” that is now issued outshines the two previous volumes with its almost 700 pages.

This time, the book covers the company’s complete collection which could recently be enlarged by the purchase of several important collections as Netopil writes in his preface: “One substantial acquisition was the Leica collection of Rolf Fricke from Rochester, N.Y. (USA), one of the earliest and definitely most important Leica collectors.” This sounds auspicious. Release date is June 15th, 2018 and the date is no coincidence: On this day, the third construction phase of Leitz Park will be opened – the very place where the Leica Museum and Archive will be located in future.


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